The REHIS Scheme of Continuing Professional Development Download CPD scheme – March 2019 (Word document) requires participants to undertake a minimum of 60 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity to be undertaken over three consecutive calendar years, with a minimum of 15 hours CPD activity to be undertaken each year.  In addition, but inclusive within the CPD hours requirement, participants must submit a written submission at least once in every consecutive three year period.

In evidencing CPD, it is commonplace for a certificate to be provided as evidence of attending an event, but equally appropriate is a summary paragraph of the new learning/development achieved by an activity. The amount of time allocated by an individual will vary from person to person as it should relate to the amount of new learning/development achieved by an activity as opposed to the amount of time spent on that activity.

From this page you can Download CPD card, access the Briefing Note for Written Submissions and the guidance for the structure and format of Written Submissions

You can also record your CPD records, upload evidence for each entry and see your current status using from the Your REHIS page.