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19/01/2022 OCV Download 14hrs 00mins Revise
20/01/2022 OCV Download 14hrs 00mins Revise
21/01/2022 OCV Download 14hrs 00mins Revise
02/02/2022 Approvals Introduction Training Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
03/02/2022 Section 50 Training 01hrs 00mins Revise
03/02/2022 FOOD PEST MANAGEMENT Download 01hrs 30mins Revise
24/03/2022 SCQF Annual Conference Download 02hrs 00mins Revise
04/06/2022 FOOD SAFETY ASPECTS OF SOUS-VIDE COOKING Download 01hrs 30mins Revise
04/11/2022 Housing Legislation Refresher Training Download 02hrs 00mins Revise
26/04/2022 Food Competent Certification Officer revalidation Download 06hrs 00mins Revise
06/07/2022 Food Update Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
15/06/2022 Small scale manufacturing of kimchi & fermented vegetable products Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
15/06/2022 Zero Waste Scotland: Single-use plastic ban Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
19/07/2022 We demand joined up membership, education and CPD Download 00hrs 30mins Revise
19/07/2022 An expert-led allergen update Download 01hrs 30mins Revise
20/07/2022 Control of Clostridium perfringens bacteria Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
26/07/2022 Food Law Technical Meeting: Minutes Download 01hrs 20mins Revise
08/08/2022 Asbestos Management in the 21st Century Download 09hrs 00mins Revise
08/08/2022 Asbestos Management in the 21st Century Download 09hrs 00mins Revise
08/08/2022 REHIS SOUTHERN CENTRE EVENT – ASBESTOS IN THE 21ST CENTURY Download 04hrs 30mins Revise
09/05/2022 Salmonella Update for London served LA,s 02hrs 30mins Revise
09/06/2022 Burnout 01hrs 00mins Revise
15/09/2022 REHIS Northern Centre AGM & Seminar (Blue Green Algae) 00hrs 45mins Revise
20/09/2022 Ship Sanitation - refresher Download 04hrs 00mins Revise
21/09/2022 How compatible is your PPE Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
21/09/2022 ICE webinar Llyn Tegid Reservoir 00hrs 30mins Revise
28/09/2022 Countering the effects of unconscious bias on food safety audits Download 02hrs 00mins Revise
28/09/2022 Food and Nutrition Careers Symposium Download 03hrs 00mins Revise
29/09/2022 What did the Romans/Epidemiologists ever do for us? 00hrs 30mins Revise
29/09/2022 Governance and Legal Compliance/Risk Assessment 00hrs 30mins Revise
30/09/2022 PPDS and Food Crime Download 01hrs 00mins Revise
30/09/2022 Project DeStress Download 00hrs 40mins Revise
30/09/2022 Smoke Free Perimeter around Hospital Buildings Download 00hrs 30mins Revise
30/09/2022 Water Quality in Leisure Premises Download 00hrs 30mins Revise

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