The graduate intern will work within the Environmental Health team based in Inverness and be expected to cover three specific and time limited projects that include:

1.     Review existing environmental procedures and standard documents on our common drive, simplify where possible, and transfer to new SharePoint site. Where appropriate, suggest improvements to the external website related to the improved procedures. 

2.     Assist Senior EHO in reviewing available data to identify “Regulated” private water supplies not currently included in the private water supply monitoring programme. 

3.     Assist Senior EHO in reviewing and recording all historical housing grant awards 

This post would support a graduate EHO in contributing to their practical training as part of the REHIS professional criteria.

Fixed Term Contract: 12 months

For more information and to apply see myjobscotland.

  • Job Reference
  • Salary Range
    £18.527-20,820 per year
  • Closing Date
  • Contact Person
    Patricia Sheldon
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Number
    01463 644750