An excellent opportunity exists for a graduate to gain experience working within Argyll and Bute Councils Regulatory Services team. This temporary post will deliver an in-house project to digitise land use information systematically from a full set of historic maps available for the Council area, and create a comprehensive Potentially Contaminated Land database (GIS layer). It is anticipated that the project will last for six months and the post is suitable for hybrid working.

This is a temporary six month contract. For this six month project the employer and salary costs for a graduate post (grade 9) would be £21,752. The benefits would be:

  • potential land contamination issues and consultations could be identified through an improved process at the planning application verification stage.
  • applicants would be alerted to potential land contamination issues allowing consideration of financial implications at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • the requirement for the EHO-EP to review weekly planning lists would be largely removed allowing more effective focus of the post on report review, reducing turnaround times and facilitating the planning process.
  • development of procedures for updating the database will ensure it can accommodate new information (future proofing).

For more information and to apply see myjobscotland.

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    £31,845 - £34,454 per year
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    Anthony Carson, Environmental Health Officer
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