“Exposure of the general public to optical radiation has a long history, particularly in the case of exposure to solar radiation. In more recent years, artificial optical radiation, and in particular ultraviolet and laser radiation, has found many new applications. Many of these new uses increase the scope for the public to be exposed to these radiations. This course is intended to highlight public health issues arising from both new and old sources of ultraviolet and laser radiation.”

The course includes discussions on: Basis Concepts of Optical Radiation, Biological effects, Exposure Limits and Regulations, the sun and sunbeds, Effect lighting and laser displays, Laser pointers and other products. Contact Stewart for more details

Stewart Robertson

Health Protection Agency

CRCE Scotland

0141 440 6844


  • Event Location
    Health Protection Agency,CRCE Scotland, Glasgow
  • Event Date
    09/05/2012 7:00 am