The EPSRC Decentralised Water Technologies research project is led by the University of Glasgow and funded by the UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Scottish Water. The researchers in the project are developing off-grid water and wastewater biological treatment systems which operate with the ease, convenience, and reliability of domestic appliances. In this Workshop we seek to understand the challenges of the existing decentralised technologies, primarily private water supplies, and consider the opportunities for future governance of decentralised technologies. We hope to learn from Local Authorities about their experience of private water supplies and gather suggestions for how decentralised technologies could be managed better in the future.

We will divide the Workshop into three parts:

  1. Prof Bill Sloan and members of the technical research team will provide an overview of the technologies being developed in the programme.
  2. Dr Jill Robbie and Dr Elizabeth Lawson will lead a discussion of the existing challenges with private water supplies.
  3. Dr Jill Robbie and Dr Elizabeth Lawson will then lead an exploration of how decentralised technologies could be governed in a way which combats these challenges including discussion of funding, maintenance, and community management.

After the Workshop, a summary of the challenges of private water supplies and suggestions for future governance will be circulated to the participants of the Workshop.

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  • Event Date
    16/02/2023 10:00 am
  • Event End Date
    16/02/2023 1:00 pm
  • Event Location
    MS Teams
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