In this online event, we’ll watch a pre-recorded presentation from Lucie Giles and Grant Wyper from Public Health Scotland on their evaluation study on the impact of MUP on deaths and hospital admissions in Scotland, published on 21 March.

We will be joined by Professor John Holmes, Professor of Alcohol Policy, Sheffield University. John is also Director of the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group which has modelled the effects of minimum pricing in a number of countries, including Scotland. John will share the key points from his recent publication in Addiction on MUP and consumption in Scotland, and is happy to answer questions on the evidence to date.

Scotland was the first country in the world to legislate for a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol. In May 2018, a 50p per unit minimum price was implemented as part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce levels of alcohol consumption in Scotland, with the aim of reducing health and social-related alcohol harms.

MUP will be one of the most thoroughly evaluated policies ever in Scotland, with Public Health Scotland (PHS) leading a comprehensive independent evaluation of the policy. This will provide evidence to inform Members of the Scottish Parliament ahead of the parliamentary vote on the future of MUP in Scotland in 2024.

A final report is due to be published by PHS in June 2023. With the primary aim of the policy to reduce alcohol-related health harms, the forthcoming study on the impact of MUP on deaths and hospital admissions in Scotland is a vital component of the PHS evaluation.

The event is aimed at organisations and individuals who have a principal or significant interest in preventing and reducing alcohol harms. Please note that to facilitate an open discussion, we reserve the right to refuse entry to those who may have a conflict of interest; commercial companies and their vested interests will be excluded from the event.

You can register to attend here.

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    24/03/2023 10:00 am
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    24/03/2023 11:30 am
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