Advanced HACCP Course

The REHIS Advanced HACCP (Level 4) course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to design and implement food safety management systems based upon the Codex HACCP principles.

• Background to HACCP
• Prerequisite programmes
• Planning an effective HACCP system
• Practical application of the Codex HACCP 7 principles
• Effective implementation of HACCP

Following the 21 hours of tuition, course participants undertake a HACCP assignment. Successful completion of the assignment allows course participants to sit the course examination

Elementary Certificate in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

The Elementary HACCP course has been independently rated on the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 5 with 1 credit.

Food Safety System for Caterers Course (CookSafe-A Food Safety Assurance System)

Intermediate Certificate in HACCP for Food Manufacturing