• Location
    Time Out Club Allander Road Glasgow G62 8PN
  • Name of company (for company certificate if required)
    Time Out Club
  • Name of Centre
    FS Training
  • Unique Centre Number
  • Centre Address
    11 Caldwell Avenue, Knigtswood, Glasgow, G13 3AN
  • Centre Contact
    Amanda Mclellan
  • Name of Presenter
    Amanda Mclellan
  • Course
    Introduction to Food Hygiene
  • Date of course
  • Date of completion
  • Total number of candidates
  • Results
    Moira Dickson0pass
    Celeste Gilbey0pass
    Lorraine Elliot0pass
    Gayle Skeith0pass
    Kate Rundle0pass
    Jackie McCosh0pass
    Anne Moody0pass
    Laura McCurley0pass
    Jane Sinclair0pass
    Sara Bailey0pass
    Anna Winnie0pass
    Amy Montgomery0pass
    Taylor Getty0pass
    Jennifer Burr0pass
    Jeni Winnie0pass
    Amy Berry0pass
    Kyra McNairn0pass
    Nicole Young 0pass