• Location
    Church of Scotland
  • Name of company (for company certificate if required)
  • Name of Centre
    Church of Scotland
  • Unique Centre Number
  • Centre Address
    121 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4YR
  • Centre Contact
    Brian Auld
  • Name of Presenter
    Brian Auld
  • Course
    Introduction to Food Hygiene by e-learning
  • Date of course
  • Date of completion
  • Total number of candidates
  • Results
    Joyce MacMillan0pass
    Rena Whyte0pass
    Shirley Russell0pass
    Shona Logan0pass
    Rhona Raeburn0pass
    Sharon Ferry0pass
    Wai Chan0pass
    Helen Anderson0pass
    Fraser Edwards0pass
    David Donaldson0pass
    Noreen Russell0pass
    Susan Young0pass
    Jenni Tosh0pass
    Fiona Newton0pass
    Lesley Young0pass
    Christina Fraser0pass
    Gillian Paterson0pass
    Kathryn Colman0pass
    Lesley Taylor0pass
    Moira McIntosh0pass
    Edna Fairweather0pass
    Kathleen Thomson0pass
    Laurence Tait0pass
    Carol Arthur0pass
    Claire Chalmers0pass
    John Penman0pass
    Marion Penman0pass
    Irene Fraser0pass
    Elizabeth Devlin0pass
    Jennifer Payne0pass
    Ross Clark0pass