European pest management standard released for comment

BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body, has just released for public consultation the draft of a European standard that will establish a benchmark for procurement and enable professional pest management companies to differentiate themselves in the market.The total value of the UK pest control market is now approaching £350m, having grown despite the economic downturn.While all products used in the pest management industry are controlled by legislation, there is currently no common standard for the delivery of pest control services in the UK or Europe recognized by industry or consumers.The n

Research published:Domestic kitchen practices

The FSA has recently published the findings of its research into domestic kitchen practices. The findings of the study, called Kitchen Life, offers for the first time detailed insights into what people actually do and why in UK kitchens, and will help to develop our thinking about how to reduce the burden of foodborne disease.Click on the link Kitchen Life for details and further information.


The 2013 Scottish Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice will be presented in Edinburgh Zoo’s Budongo Theatre on Monday 2 September. Proceedings will commence at 4.30pm and Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, has been invited to make the presentations. Full information on the awards is available at

Putting food safety first -Scottish report published on lessons learned from the horsemeat issue

A group commissioned to identify lessons learned from the horsemeat fraud issue has published its findings.Led by former Chief Vet Professor Jim Scudamore, the report makes a number of recommendations intended to improve the food safety and standards regime in Scotland.The news release from the Scottish Government is attached.To access the full report click on the link - Putting Food Safety first

Scotland Food and You survey published

The results of a survey exploring attitudes, reported behaviours and knowledge around food in Scotland have been published today showing that the cost of food is perceived to be the main barrier to eating healthily for up to a sixth of the population.Click on the link for more information Scotland Food and You 

REHIS e-Newsletter 'News for Public Health Professionals'

The July 2013 edition of the REHIS e-Newsletter 'News for Public Health Professionals' has been uploaded to this website and is accessible from a dedicated public access portal to the right of this news item.If you wish to feature any Environmental Health or Public Health initiative, event or activity in the REHIS Newsletter, please contact Jim Thomson, Policy/Professional Development Officer, The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, 19 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh or


Last week the UK launched its new front of pack (FoP) nutrition labelling scheme. The scheme combines the use of red, amber and green colour coding and percentage reference intakes, alongside the amounts of energy, fat, saturated fat (saturates), sugars and salt in a defined portion of food. Two sets of guidance on nutrition labelling have been published:

EEA/JRC report on Environment and Health

Europe’s environment now healthier – but new risks emergingEuropeans live longer and healthier lives than in the past, partly due to successful environmental policies that have reduced the exposure to harmful environmental contaminants in air, water and food, according to a new report.

REHIS Southern & Northern Centre Event(s)

Grease Smoke & Odour Control: Controlling emission from Commercial Cooking ProcessesThe aim of the training event is to provide professionals/technical officers with an insight into controlling emissions from commercial catering operations. It will provide information on the various techniques and equipment that are available on the market currently to tackle this type of problem.

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